Сельское хозяйство России в системе мирохозяйственных связей

В. И. Назаренко


After a quick liberalization of foreign commerce the Russian agriculture turned out not to be ready to have a merited place on the world market because the whole of economic mechanism (the price and foreign trade one) aimed at the development of an equal status for operation of domestic agriculture and world market had been abolished. A tariff protection of the Russian agriculture cannot compensate the difference in the productive efficiency and natural conditions, which actually averages about 14% of the price of imported produce. In these conditions, a relatively expensive and low-productive agriculture operating in worse natural and increasingly deteriorating economic conditions is not able to be in workable competition with the world market. A policy of agricultural protectionism is a good way out of the situation and the example of the European Union and Japan demonstrates it perfectly. Without such protective mechanism, the agricultural production has succeeded in no way neither in the Western Europe, nor in Japan.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1999-5636-2003-1-3-9


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