Исторические особенности и опыт участия России в мировом продовольственном рынке

Н. К. Фигуровская


At the end of XIX Russian ministers (acting and future ones) suggested developing a program of governmental assistance that should embrace most aspects of agricultural production. Having recognized that the improvement in agriculture was a slow process of natural development of all branches of material culture and depended on the level of economic development of the country, they proposed carrying out measures ensuring the growth of agriculture. First, it was a low-interest credit what is very important in relation to a present situation; then it was the development of a railroad system and the country's own merchant shipping. The ministers had set such a global target as the possible weakening of dependence of agriculture from foreign markets and intermediate sellers. They recognized that there was a subordinate position of Russia in international markets. They postulated it at the time when Russia was one on the greatest exporters of grain, and then grain trade was the primary branch of Russian export.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1999-5636-2003-1-27-29


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