Белковые маркеры в анализе генетической стабильности сортов пшеницы, содержащих хроматин 1R ржи

Т. И. Пенева, О. П. Митрофанова, А. В. Конарев


19 varieties of soft winter wheat have been studied with the use of storage proteins (such as gliadin, glutenin, secalin and high molecular secalin) as markers of short and long arms of soft wheat chromosomes of the first homeologous group and 1R chromosome of rye. These varieties contain the whole 1R rye chromosome or its short arm introduced by 1R (1B) replacement or T1BL-1RS translocation. A comparative analysis of protein electrophoretic spectra of individual seeds of originals and reproductions of varieties from the collection of the State Scientific Center of All-Russia Research Institute of Plant Growing named after N. I. Vavilov has shown that the varieties are characterized by a different level of genetic stability as related to the preservation of 1R rye chromatin. Detected spectrum modifications are evidence of the existence of the following probable genotypic reconstructions: 1) elimination of 1R chromosome or its individual arms, 2) heterozygosity in foreign chromosome or in translocation, 3) recombination of genes included into Sec1- and Gli1B-loci, which control rye and wheat protein markers and 4) spontaneous translocation of T1DL-1RS type. It has been concluded that for maintaining originality of varieties containing rye 1R chromosome a strict control is required that may be realized with the help of the protein markers under study.

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